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Swipe InsightSwipe Insight
Price: Free

App for digital marketing insights


Swipe Insight is your daily app for digital marketing and analytics content curated from +100 sources and experts. The app uses AI to summarize insights and personalize your experience based on your specialties, whether it’s SEO, PPC, analytics, and more. Need the full story? Jump directly to the original article or social post with a single tap. Discover, learn, and stay ahead – all with a simple swipe. Features: 1- Personalized Feed Experience a truly personalized learning journey with our AI-driven recommendation system. Whether you’re interested in specific products, topics, or categories, Swipe Insight adapts to your preferences. 2- Intelligent Insights Get quick, digestible summaries of complex topics, powered by advanced AI. Save time and effort as Swipe Insight distills lengthy articles and reports into concise, actionable insights. 3- Niche Expertise Tailor your feed from an expansive selection of topics within digital marketing and analytics. Whether you’re honing expertise in SEO, PPC, data, analytics, or emerging tech trends, choose your focus areas. 4- Master Digital Marketing & Analytics Get the best digital marketing and analytics content from across the industry, delivered in 9-second reads. 5- Curated for Marketers & Analysts Beyond general content, dive into specialized topics like SEO, PPC, data, and analytics. 6- The Daily Swipe Begin your day with a handpicked selection of the most crucial digital marketing and analytics updates. 7- Get Smarter, Not Busier Dark and Light Mode Optimize your reading experience for any environment. 8- Premium UI Quickly scan and digest essential marketing news and strategies with a single swipe.


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