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Create AI-generated videos from text


Clipfly is an AI-powered video creation platform engineered to convert text prompts into captivating videos. Users input their ideas and the AI video generator creates a static video frame, which can be previewed and selected to generate a video output. The tool aims to simplify the video production process by eliminating the need for advanced skills or manual video production. Multiple static frames can be repetitively produced and merged together into a seamless, engaging cinematic video. Aside from text-to-video conversion, Clipfly also features an AI voiceover from text capability, converting scripts into natural AI voiceovers. Clipfly also allows users to add a humorous touch by enabling face swaps in AI-generated clips with their choice of photo. The platform allows users to customize their videos further through text additions, filters, effects, and more. Additionally, Clipfly is a web-based platform, enabling usage without software installations and giving users the ability to create videos anytime, anywhere. To ensure a unique video creation, Clipfly also offers a variety of media resources, including stylish fonts, stickers, royalty-free music, and images.


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