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Elevate your system design skills


Codemia is a learning platform focused primarily on system design, it uses artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive preparation for system design interviews. The platform offers practices on various system design problems and provides instant feedback, offering users not only solutions but also explanations behind the effective strategies. An AI-powered chatbot is also integrated into the platform to provide context-aware answers, making learning more interactive. Users have access to a vast library of lectures, covering fundamental and advanced system design topics at a pace set by them. This tool also provides highly detailed solutions to system design problems. For an engaging user experience, Codemia has an intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable interface, designed to be mobile-friendly for learning on the go. Furthermore, Codemia aims to expand beyond system design, with plans to include comprehensive algorithm and data structure courses. The platform combines instruction, practice, immediate feedback, and further learning resources to differentiate itself in the market and helps users to enhance their technical interviewing skills.


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