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AI-powered smart search engine


Prefind is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered search tool, manifesting as an extension for Chrome browser, that uses state-of-the-art AI models GPT-4 and Claude-3 Opus to optimize and simplify information search endeavors. The tool facilitates lightning-fast searches and provides intelligent, context-aware answers based on the user’s queries. Prefind allows users to conduct multi-model comparisons and promises to deliver clear, concise, and efficient search results. Moreover, it deeply understands user queries predicting and fulfilling their information needs, thereby providing an intuitive comprehension of search requirements. An added advantage is that it operates completely free of cost, allowing unrestricted access to AI-powered search capacities. Another feature includes a global accessibility; it is designed to assist users regardless of their geographical location. Users can easily integrate Prefind into their Chrome browser, simply sign in, and with a command, Prefind is ready to serve. This tool is designed to work alongside major search engines to provide a broad and in-depth set of information. No separate accounts are needed to use Prefind. Offering a revolutionized approach to search, Prefind ultimately serves as not just a search tool, but as an AI-assisting partner for research, learning new topics, or any other information retrieval tasks.


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