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AI-timekeeping software


Laurel Automated Timekeeping Software is a tool designed to aid in eliminating the often tedious process of time tracking, thereby allowing professionals, particularly those in the accounting, consulting and legal sectors, to concentrate more on their work and to better understand how their time is being allocated. The software makes an invaluable contribution to accounting, consulting and legal services, by transforming time into a strategic asset. Based on artificial intelligence, the solution provides more than just hour tracking by unlocking a new degree of profitability and efficiency. It facilitates the generation of cleaner and more dependable billing data, which can help in streamlining operations and generating the insights necessary for smarter firm management. Traditionally, timekeeping could be a difficulty in consulting, legal and accounting firms, but with Laurel, it becomes a central facilitator of profitability and well-being. The tool is constructed to augment productivity and earnings without adding convoluted steps into workflows. Various features include ‘TimeSmart Work Coding’, ‘Smart Work Assignment’, ‘Narrative Writer Pro’ and ‘Smart Work History’.


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