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Quotid is an AI-driven tool designed to assist users in learning a new language through daily lessons. It is especially beneficial to individuals with busy schedules, as it offers a manageable and realistic learning approach. The tool provides a unique experience by generating content completely with AI, ensuring diversity in speech and topics to make the learning journey more valuable. Though it strives to generate grammatically correct output, it does not guarantee flawlessness at all times. Quotid also offers additional features supporting structured learning, such as tracking lesson history and revisiting covered vocabulary. It also gives users the option to generate their own lessons if they desire more than the dedicated daily lesson. Features also include a flashcard system which employs an algorithm by Open Spaced Repetition, granting an Anki-like experience, where users can grade themselves and see their progress as the algorithm adjusts the intervals of the words. In addition, it offers capabilities to practice vocabulary obtained from the lessons.


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