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Credible real-time news podcast radio


Discover news, podcasts, and AI-driven insights with Listen2! From global politics, health, and science to technology and startups, tune into entertainment and knowledge. In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed is more important than ever. However, the sheer volume of information available can be overwhelming. This is where Listen2.AI – News & Podcasts steps in, offering a unique and personalized way to consume news and podcasts. With a focus on innovation, diversity, and user-centric features, Listen2.AI stands out as a premier platform for news enthusiasts around the globe. Available exclusively on iPhone and iPad, it’s your one-stop destination for engaging, multilingual news content drawn from over 80,000 credible sources worldwide. WHY LISTEN2.AI IS THE FUTURE OF NEWS CONSUMPTION • Vast Source Network: With content aggregated from over 80,000 worldwide credible sources, Listen2.AI ensures you receive accurate, up-to-date information from a diverse array of perspectives. This extensive network covers everything from global politics and technology to health, science, and entertainment, ensuring you’re well-informed on topics that matter to you. • Dual Language Support & Accent Variety: Catering to a global audience, Listen2.AI offers seamless switching between English and Chinese, with plans to include more languages. English broadcasts feature American, British, or Indian accents, enhancing your listening experience by offering familiar intonation and pronunciation. • Customizable Listening Experience: Dive into news stories your way with features like concise and in-depth modes, a political slider to align content with your viewpoint, and playback speed control. Whether you’re catching up on the day’s events or seeking an in-depth analysis, Listen2.AI adapts to your needs. • User-centric Features: From an auto-sleep timer that ensures peaceful nights to a comprehensive listening history and the ability to copy scripts for further reflection, Listen2.AI is designed with the user in mind. Plus, our referral program rewards both you and your friends with VIP access, fostering a community of informed listeners. CHANNELS THAT CATER TO EVERY INTEREST Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Health, Business, and AI/Tech – no matter your interest, Listen2.AI has a channel for you. Updated regularly, each channel delivers the latest and most relevant content, curated by experts to ensure quality and relevance. PREMIUM PLANS FOR AN ENHANCED EXPERIENCE Unlock the full potential of Listen2.AI with our premium plans. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions to access exclusive channels and features that elevate your news consumption experience. With Listen2.AI Premium, the world of news is at your fingertips, free from distractions and tailored to your interests. JOIN OUR GROWING COMMUNITY Become part of a community that values informed discussion, diverse perspectives, and the power of knowledge. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest updates, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks at Listen2.AI. Engage with fellow users, share your thoughts, and discover new viewpoints on a platform that celebrates diversity and innovation. Instagram: LinkedIn: EMBRACING THE FUTURE WITH LISTEN2.AI In an era where news is omnipresent yet fragmented, Listen2.AI – News & Podcasts emerges as a beacon of clarity and diversity. By marrying advanced technology with a commitment to providing multilingual, multi-perspective content, we’ve created more than just a news app; we’ve built a gateway to global understanding and connectivity. As you download or use Listen2.AI, you’re not just accessing the latest news and podcasts; you’re joining a movement towards a more informed, connected, and diverse world. Ready to redefine how you engage with news? Listen2.AI is here to transform your daily news journey into an enlightening, enriching experience.


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